Bishamon Japanese | 500 Boundary Street, SPRING HILL QLD 4000

Every now and then I have cravings for my favourite Japanese restaurant on the Gold Coast, which is only located a few hundred metres away from my (now occasional weekend) unit.

After having been living in the city for almost two years, I found it difficult to spot a restaurant that specialises in Japanese cuisine in Brisbane that’s on a par with my favourite Japanese restaurant on the coast, both in terms of value and food quality.

That was until last night when I came across Bishamon in Spring Hill.

We went to the restaurant shortly after work and it was yet to open for dinner service.  When the doors finally opened, we were seated at a small table next to a window with a view of busy Boundary Street and I suddenly noticed the cosiness of the restaurant.  It doesn’t have the lavish décor of Sake, but the restaurant’s humble existence somehow make it unique and appealing.

We took a while to decide on what to have for dinner as every item on the menu sounded delicious. In the end, we settled on having wagyu beef tataki  ($14) to share for an entrée, salmon shoyu with miso and rice ($28.50) for me and a beef udon ($21) for the other travel bunnie.

The food was simply delicious and I knew that we were in for a good feast when I put the first slice of that thinly cut wagyu in my mouth.  The meat was silky soft with just the right amount of fat and it had a very faint smokiness to it. The salmon was generous in its servings and I had trouble finishing off all four fillets despite them being coated in crisp, buttery goodness.

The other travel bunnie’s dish was tasty as well and the clear broth tasted almost too good to be true.

I really enjoyed dinner last night, it was a decent meal and I think I have finally found my favourite Japanese restaurant in Brisbane.  

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $63.50

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