A weekend home alone.

What a weekend! My blog experienced some severe technical errors and I've been a busy bee this weekend, trying to fix the problems. It is then that I realised how many places that the other travel bunnie has taken me to in less than two years. So thank you guys for being patient and I hope the blog will be 100% up and running by the end of this coming weekend.

The other travel bunnie had to be away for the weekend and I was left alone. I was going to venture out and have a wholesome breakfast on my own until the weather decided to turn on me.

I ended up getting some sushi from a chain sushi joint and relaxed at the Starbucks located on the ground level of Queens Plaza.

The sushi rolls here are not traditional, but they are filling and very cheap. My current favourite is their California Roll ($2.50), although the Spider Roll is also quite tasty ($2.80).

It is quite sad to have sushi rolls on the weekend as I usually have them for lunch at work as well, but without the other travel bunnie, my taste buds are not interested enough to devour any food...

PS. so I went shopping instead. I love the J.Crew bracelet so much! 

Love Roll Sushi can be found at:

Love Roll Sushi on Urbanspoon

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