Sourced Grocer, 11 Florence Street, TENERIFFE QLD 4006

So day 2 of the long weekend and we decided to take a ferry ride to Teneriffe and try out Sourced Grocer. The whole suburb of Newstead is filled with old world buildings, young couples and families eating out and this little converted warehouse looks like one of the most popular spots in the area.

Sourced Grocer is really more of an organic grocery store but clearly its popularity has lead to a little takeaway counter opening up an offering quick brunch snacks to its customers. When we arrived, we were worried about even getting a seat given that most people where either sitting on the stairs, on milk crates and even the window sill but after a wait we did get a couple of spots inside. The menu (that is written on the wall behind the counter) offer heaps of simple dishes and I chose the Breakfast Trifle (which was mix yoghurt, muesli, pear and some micro herbs) $10 while the other travel bunnie ordered the toastie (a toasted Gruyere cheese, ham and sauteed onion sandwich) $12.50. Both meals were light and tasty but not the sort of dishes that you would head across town for. The other Bunnie's vanilla bean milkshake was very sweet but my latte was burnt and I didn't finish it.

Sourced Grocer is a cute little spot for a quick breakfast bite for trendy Newstead locals but probably a little far for this bunnie to hop for a simple breakfast bite.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent $34

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