Flute Fine Food, 380 Cavendish Road, COOPAROO QLD 4151

Flute Fine Food was busy when we arrived there mid-saturday morning. In fact, it was already ten-thirty and we thought that all the early birds would have finished breakfast and the cafe would have quietened down. Turns out, everyone else in town wanted that extra one hour of cuddling in bed.

We were greeted by a smiley waitress immediately upon our arrival and she led us a corner table.

When I opened the menu, I was slightly shocked at the prices - spicy meatballs, I thought. We ordered straight away as the place was extremely busy and we weren't sure how long it would take for the food and coffees to come out.

Surprisingly, our drinks came out in less than five minutes and the food was presented in front of us in less then ten. My savoury stack with smoked salmon, eggs and avocado was light and fresh yet packed with flavour. The other travel bunnie had simple fare bacon and scrambled eggs served with Turkish bread and onion relish and it was just as good. The bacon was cut thick and the cheese drizzled Turkish bread was crust and the perfect side.

The other travel bunnie's flat white was served in a bowl and luckily the coffee was aromatic and smooth. I initially thought that $5.5 for a pot of Earl Grey was pricey, but I got four cups out of it and they were generous with the tea leaves.

We loved our breakfast at Flute Fine Food. The quantity and quality of the food justified the price.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $47

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  1. This place is very popular with the "gym mum" crowd... always has mums with kids/babies in tow.
    I just couldn't *LOVE* this place though... I thought the meals were actually too large, and expensive.

    1. lol. we went out after our gym session, so we were pretty hungry. I thought it was a little pricey, but given the size of the meals and the quality, it's actually pretty impressive. :)

    2. Thought their coffee was rather terrible actually ... I feel I don't need that much food for breakfast, so think large sized meals are unnecessary.