Mecca Bah, 1000 Ann Street, FORTITUDE VALLEY QLD 4006

When the other travel bunnie and I just started seeing each other, he took me to Mecca Bah one night for a date. That was however back at a time when this bunnie was still a little scared to experiment with various gastronomic options.

Last night, the other travel bunnie and I went there again for dinner, while reminiscing the early stages of our relationship.

Mecca Bah is the sort of place that you would go to for a fun, relaxed yet exotic night. If you are up for a romantic night, opt for a table inside along the wall, with the silky fabric padded seats.

I wanted a table outside so that we could get some crisp air. There was a hen's party on a few tables away from us but I love seeing people enjoying their lives; it puts a smile on my face.

I initially wanted the Spicy Turkish kofte, yoghurt sauce, but there was a twenty-minute wait on the dish and we were both in a hungry state, so Kataifi pastry filled with Middle Eastern cheeses ($14.50) was ordered instead. I'd glad that I tried it, it turned out to be exceptionally delicious.

For mains, we had Spit roasted lamb, rocket, yoghurt & sumac ($24) and Chargrilled swordfish with couscous ($25). The lamb pizza was tasty, I know it sounds like “duh” but the pizza had a very intense lamb flavour and the yoghurt provided a good balance to it. Both of the dishes are great value.

Although there was room for improvement in the service department, Mecca Bah is still a great place to go to for a midweek dinner.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $78.50

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