Champ Kitchen + Bar, 114 Grey Street, SOUTH BRISBANE QLD 4101

I really looked forward to going to Champ Kitchen & Bar on Saturday morning, as I had to go to work to work on a report and a good wholesome breakfast was required to provide me with some much needed energy.

We have walked past Champ a couple of times and I wanted to try it out ever since. You see, Champ provided us with a great view overlooking the South Bank ferris wheel and the blooming bougainvilleas.

Champ is a fairly new establishment and the service was lacking. We stood by the door waiting to be seated for five minutes before someone noticed us, that's when we knew that we had to order quickly as it was hard to get anyone's attention. And what do you know, our coffee was forgotten, no water was provide, no cutlery was placed on our table and when we kindly reminded the waiter that an elderly couple sitting at the table next to us had been waiting to order for a long time, we got a dirty, as-if-i-would-care look. Awesome.

I must admit that the dishes sounded better in writing than they looked in person. My buttermilk pancakes w' caramelised banana, cream maple, coconut flakes and praline was overly sweet and the pancakes were soggy. However, they turnout to be a lot better than the fried egg, shredded bacon and bean dish that the other travel bunnie had. I wasn't even sure what the they were thinking charging $15 for some baked beans that tasted like they were tipped out from a can and not even microwaved properly.

I absolutely loved the location of the establishment and even the open air, rustic décor was cool and inviting. It was a pity that the Champ which is in the early stage of showing Brisbanites what it is all about is currently offering appalling service and overpriced food.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $42

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  1. Hmmmm the owner of Anouk opened this place, so I was looking forward to trying it... :(

    1. yeah, I was surprised to learn the the owner of Anouk opened Champ after I finished my breakfast. Anouk is on the top of my breakfast list. Hopefully the lack of service and bad quality of food was due to the fact that the establishment was only recently opened. I think you should still try it out as you might get a different experience. :)