Organic Char, Eagle St Pier BRISBANE QLD 4000

Although organic foods have been introduced into our lives for quite a while, the concept of a restaurant dedicated only to organic ingredients from the moo moo and oink oink on your plates to the seasonings and dressings.  

Located at a prime spot of the CBD, this new addition to the BNE culinary scene created by John Kilroy is all about good and fresh stuff.

To be honest, I hesitated for a long time before finally entering into this restaurant. I mean, the organic menu, the white and green colour combination of the chic décor don’t necessary scream out tasty, juicy porchetta or triple chocolate soufflé. I’ve never been a big fan of healthy food, by healthy, I mean salad with no dressing or I don’t know, iced chocolate with no cream. I pity those girls who would freak out at the sight of butter, sugar or cream in order to stay at a perfect size 0. Life’s too short to miss out on so much amazing food out there. But hey, that’s just my own opinion.

Back to the point, Organic Char surprised me. It’s creative and it works! Everything balances with each other so well.

Between four people, we had the slow cooked organic lamb shoulder ($50.00) with came with lots of wholesome vegetables, green papaya salad, chilli, coriander, lime and toasted jasmine rice ($14.00), Hervey Bay scallops, red curry, basil and banana chilli ($18.00), anise glazed pork belly, Asian greens, miso broth ($26.00) and white cut Bendele chicken salad, cashew, herbs, chilli coconut caramel ($23.00).

The lamb shoulder was so so soft and personally, I think it’s really good value for what you get and I highly recommend this dish. The scallops were tender and the juice really put a zing to it. I guess the only down side about our meal was that the pork belly was too sweet. So sweet that you can have it as a dessert… which was a shame because the tenderness was perfect.

For all you environmentally friendly foodies out there, make sure that you don’t miss out on Organic Char!


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