Mondo Organics | 166 Hardgrave Road, WEST END QLD 4101

Recently, I raised the issue of sustainable food with the other travel bunnie and suggested going to Mondo Organics for breakfast one day.

Supporting local growers and farmers, Mondo Organics focuses on the “real food” experience and is dedicated to bringing its customers the freshest and the most delicious organic produce. They have recently released a new Spring menu, and given that they only open for breakfast on the weekends, our Saturday breakfast venue was decided without any hesitation.

Located at the corner of Hardgrave and Loch in West End, Mondo Organics somehow reminded us of a shady shack in the Caribbean with its chill out music playing in the background. This restaurant is very baby friendly with its roomy space, which is always a big bonus for us these days.

As the other travel bunnie was still recovering from a cold, he ordered an immunity boost ($8.50) made with orange, lemon, carrot, ginger and turmeric. The juice was delicious and intense! I had a few sips of it and I felt more alert than I would after downing a cup of coffee. I decided to be a little adventurous and had a salted bitter chocolate ganache frappe ($8.50). To be honest, I wasn't a fan of it. I was expecting a really rich, chocolatey drink but instead I found it quite bland and watery.

The food quickly arrived and the presentation was simple. Placed on a wooden chopping board, the omelette with speck, potato, green peas, bittersweet paprika and sourdough toast ($20) was rustic and everything you would expect of a hearty brakfast plate.

My brioche, homemade nutella, caramelised banana, vanilla ice cream ($14) was delicious! The brioche was perfectly crispy on the surface but soft in the middle, the homemade nutella was thick and chocolatey just the way I like it. Mondo Organics does this simple, classic breakfast dish perfectly.

Although the prices are slightly higher than the average breakfast fare, I feel it's worth it given the food is organic and in a small way, I felt as thought I was supporting the sustainable food cycle.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $51.00

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