Montrachet, 224 Given Terrace, PADDINGTON QLD 4064

I couldn’t think of a more romantic and suitable restaurant to have dinner with the other travel bunny on Valentine’s Day than Montrachet.

It was a true Parisian affair without the airfares and suitcases.  

The restaurant felt… intimate. Loved up couples sitting on either side of me, holdings hands over the table, gazing into their lovers’ eyes.

I wasn’t sure whether it was the countless bottles of red wine placed around the restaurant or the Le Moulin de la Galette replica. This cosy restaurant reminded me of the brasseries in the 6th arrondissement, circa 1920’s.

We had the Valentine’s Day Set Menu and the food was simply superb (or ‘C'est Magnifique’ as the other travel bunny would say). The service was impeccable and the fact that the owner and head chef, Thierry Galichet actually came out and wished us a happy Valentine’s Day was the icing on the cake.

I strongly recommend the Soufflé aux Crabe et Gruyère, double baked soufflé with sand crab meat and gruyère cheese finished with a light cream sauce.

So next time when you are planning a rendezvous, please consider Montrachet.

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  1. Great place to imagine we are are back in Paris, the food capitol of the world.

  2. I agree, great food and atmosphere