PourBoy Espresso, 26 Wharf Street, BRISBANE QLD 4000

To be honest, I'm not quite sure what all the rave is about. I left PourBoy with noting but disappointment. 

Knowing that the place would be busy at lunch, the other travel bunny and I didn't go there until one-ish in the afternoon. We were promised with the next available table, however after waiting for fifteen minutes, the staff decided to give the table to someone else who just stepped in the door because there were three of them (no queue no fuss for them) and not two. 

The place was filled with businessmen and office workers talking over each other. It was loud and the staff constantly throwing pans and cutleries into the kitchen sink did not help the situation. 

Their ploughman sandwich tasted rather bland and coffee was nothing special. 

I had high hopes for this place, but unfortunately it's a place that I would not return. 


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  1. Average review. Pourboy is the best cafe in the city.

    Give it another go.