George's Paragon Seafood Restaurant, Eagle Street Pier, BRISBANE CBD QLD 4000

So our firm celebrated the end of 2011 at George's Paragon in the city. 

The location is very convenient, which means you can easily hail a cab after one too many French Martinis (or in my case, stumble across the street to home). No, no why would I wanna get drunk? I'm all about being professional at work functions. 

We took advantage of their awesome half price lunch menu, which is considered pretty cheap given the location of the restaurant and its surroundings (hello? Aria and Cha Cha Char). 

The service we received at our table was brilliant. We were there for about three hours and the drinks never stopped coming (without us even ordering)(did we look that thirsty)? 

Food arrived quickly despite the fact the restaurant was overwhelmed with diners. Most of us ordered their Barouti ($25.50) for main. Tasty and very filling. 

Their desserts were too sweet for my liking but if you're interested in having a Greek coffee, the wait staff will actually pour the coffee from a briki (μπρίκι), right in front of you!

Although I wouldn't say that George's Paragon serves the best seafood in town, it definitely deserves another visit given its location, price and great atmosphere. 

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