Ajisen Ramen, 414 George Street, BRISBANE CBD 4000

Recently, a girlfriend of mine suggested that we go to Ajisen Ramen for lunch and my immediate reaction was “Aji who?”. Little did I know, this ramen joint actually has branches all over the world.

Going to the noodle shop was an effort under the steamy summer heat as my work is all the way down the other side of the CBD, but nonetheless, with serious sweat dripping down my forehead and the whingeing all the way, we eventually made it there.

The place was busy, filled mostly with white collar workers looking for an easy, no fuss lunch meal. Their lunch specials are $9.90 each with two free spring rolls. My girlfriend and I ordered a Karage Ramen and a Char-siu Ramen.

Service was reasonably quick. Ramen, wasn’t bad. I would say that it is pretty good value for what you get. Ajisen Ramen is a good alternative to lunch time sushi rolls or Maccas, but if it’s the real awesome tonkotsu ramen that you are after, Hakataya is still my number one choice.

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