Pearl Café, 28 Logan Road, Woolloongabba QLD 4102

The morning after our night at Ortiga, we cuddled in bed, kissed and remembered the cute cafe we saw one day during our antique hunt in Woollongabba. 
A short drive took us to Pearl Cafe, a place known by many, rated highly on Urbanspoon but was yet to be tried and tested by the travel bunnies. 
Getting a table at this place isn't as easy as getting wicked wings at the KFC. We stood, we waited, we hoped and stared at the people enjoying their breakfast, drinking their steaming cappuccinos. It felt like winning lottery when we finally got called after 30 minutes standing amongst all the other Pearl wanna-eats.
The cafe is tiny inside, which probably explains the queue that extended to the other side of the street (exaggeration but you get the drift). Services was slow but it was a busy Saturday morning, so I didn't really mind. I, as usual, wanted something sweet to start the day and ordered pancakes w' mango & fresh blueberries w' vanilla syrup & clotted cream ($16) and the other travel bunny ordered a DIY breakfast - hen's eggs x 2, bacon and mushrooms. The pancakes were yummy and tasted even better with the clotted cream, the other dish was a lil' on the ordinary side. 
As I have mentioned, I enjoyed the food. But quite frankly, spending Saturday morning at a chaotic cafe with every one talking over each other, people running around, accidentally knock your chair every now and then isn't my perfect breakfast scene. 
Bunny Dollars Spent: $40. 

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