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Those who know the bunnies well, aware of the fact that when we celebrate, we go BIG.  We celebrate birth-weeks and not days. So it's no surprise that we decided to spend our first Christmas eve(squared)(you know, the night before Christmas Eve…)at Ortiga.
Our table was booked way in advance so that we could avoid the we-are-sorry-but-we-are-fully-booked situation. Finding a parking spot was easy as we had spoken with the restaurant the night before and were able to secure a "secret" parking spot (*wink wink*). Greeted by a rather good-looking waiter, but obviously noooo where near as hot as the other travel bunny, (writer's emphasis added), we were led to our table downstairs, a cosy brick-walled room with an open kitchen. Drinks were quickly served - sparkling water ($9), sangria cocktail ($12)and a beer. The menu was well explained to us by our waitress while we chewed on their complimentary salted pork crackling. We decided to have special of the day, Poached hen's egg with asparagus, broad beans w' prawns ($18), Mar y montaña of oysters with pig trotters and stinging nettle picada ($17) and a couple of croquetas ($3.50 each). Despite our waitress' warning, we both felt rather adventurous that night and ended up ordering Arroz Caldoso de Marisco ($75) for main. For those who enjoy a good plate of Paella (my favourite is served with squid ink), Arroz Caldoso de Marisco is NOTHING like it. It's a anise-flavoured rice porridge with seafood (bugs, prawns and mussels). I can't say that I enjoyed the dish very much, the anise flavour was way to strong for my liking. I would strongly recommend that you think twice before ordering this. We saw quite a few lamb shoulders being served that night and deep down I secretly regret that I didn't order the lamb shoulder for some nom nom nom action. 
The hen's egg was my favourite dish that night. You use your fork to poke the softly poached egg, let the yolk slowly cover the greens and you munch! There isn't much so you'd better be quick if you're sharing. Or in my case, the other travel bunny is also the perfect gentleman… (so I get whatever I desire… (most of the times, anyway)). 
Croquetas is also a must-try. However, the pig-trotters can be a miss as the flavour is quite bland. 
I have a habit of having desserts after every meal, no matter how loud my tummy is screaming - "stop feeding me or else I might just explode!". I had a ____ for deseert. Look, I don't remember the name, I probably should, so I promise that I will take pen and paper with me in the future, but for now, let's call it Chocolate Affair. It was all chocolate, chocolate wrapped in Churros dough, chocolate sauce and anise ice cream (yep, you read it right). Good presentation but perhaps be more generous with the portion?
I like Ortiga, it has great ambience. I love the cured meat cabinet on display. It reminds me very much so of the tapas bars in Barcelona. The waiters are informative and the services are prompt. Our night would be perfect if we have ordered lamb shoulder, but.   
Bunny Dollars Spent: $159.00  
PS. Below is a photo of me trying to pose for a pretentious photo, but immediately got distracted by a long-legged giraffe blonde bombshell. Epic fail.

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