A few of my favourite things | July 2017

Aēsop Istros Aromatique Room Spray
I am obsessed with this room spray at the moment. It’s an exotic blend that transports me to the souks of Morocco every time I spray it into the air. Made from pink pepper, lavender and tobacco with undertones of cedar and sandalwood, its smokey floral scent is warm and refined with a hint of mysteriousness. Two to three sprays will have the scent linger for hours. It’s intoxicating and I have no shame in admitting that I sometimes spritz some on my clothes… 

Eat Smart by Niomi Smart
Niomi Smart is one of my favourite lifestyle bloggers and when I found out that she had published a cookbook, I was keen to get my hands on it. I sat on the couch for hours flipping through page after page of gorgeous photographs and delicious recipes when I received the delivery from Amazon. The book is well structured and it includes recipes for everything from breakfast, lunch and dinner to desserts, snacks and drinks. It is a healthy cookbook and although I don’t usually make friends with salad, I am in awe of these simple yet delicious sounding recipes.

Love bracelet by Secret Sisterhood
Secret Sisterhood is a new women’s movement and social enterprise that focuses on empowering and uplifting women and girls around the world. I came across this inspiring movement this month and was immediately drawn to the concept behind it all. Ninety percent of all profits go to their charity partners supporting women’s causes, including the United Nations Women’s Committee in Australia, The Entrust Foundation, One Girl and Kiva. I picked the Love Bracelet with 18k rose gold plating. I love the delicate design. But this isn’t just about beautifully designed jewellery, it’s about the powerful message behind each piece. It’s about sisterhood and gender equality. It’s about love, kindness and support. Spread the love.

Alaïa Laser-cut Suede Sandals
I love shoes and when Net-A-Porter goes on sale, I go crazy. Luckily for me, the other travel bunnie always reads my mind, so he purchased these beautiful heels for me from Alaïa. The leather strap bound shoebox that the heels came in the most beautiful shoebox I’ve ever seen. The heels are so pretty - simple, timeless and surprisingly comfortable for 110mm. They go with almost every outfit in my closet from a white t-shirt & jeans, blouse & a black leather skirt to a nice dress. Definitely a favourite of mine for this month. 

Disclaimer: with thanks to the Secret Sisterhood for providing me with the beautiful Love Bracelet. Please note that this is not a paid post.

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