A few of my favourite things... | June 2017

Now I am well aware that we are a third way through the month of July and I am literally just putting up my monthly favourites for June, but seriously I feel like the past few weeks have just flown by! 

So finally, here are a few of my favourite things for July 

Lost and Found - an animation based on a children’s picture book by Oliver Jeffers and directed by Phillip Hunt, Lost and Found tells a beautiful story of a boy and a penguin and the development of their friendship in 24 minutes. It has won many awards including the BAFTA’s Best Children’s Animation in 2009. We watched it one afternoon while we were away on holidays to amuse Minibun George. He fell asleep halfway through it but I finished watching the whole thing. I loved it so much that I had tears in my eyes during the last few minutes of the film. It’s so beautifully done, both visually and thematically. I would highly recommend this one. 

Goyard St Louis Tote - to be honest, during the early years of my bag hoarding collecting period, I was not a fan of Goyard and never really appreciated Goyard’s signature interlocking Y pattern. But as I got older and my taste in bags changed, I found myself really drawn to Goyard and its exclusivity and discretion as a luxury brand. I wanted their St Louis Tote. Goyard is the oldest leather goods maker that’s still in business. It took me too long to add a Goyard to my collection of bags because there’s literally no Goyard boutique in Australia. So when we visited Singapore en route to the Maldives this year, the other travel bunnie kindly offered to get a personalised St Louis for me. I had the print and colour combination all planned out in my head, but when we got to the boutique we were advised that the personalisations are hand-painted and therefore will wear off with time, so together with a 4-week waiting period and hefty shipping fee for the bag to be delivered to Australia, I decided against having the bag personalised. 

I am so glad that we got the St Louis though as I have barely touched any of my other bags since we got back from the trip. It’s so spacious and chic and it goes well with so many different outfits. 

Mercedes GLC 250 - okay, so this is an unusual monthly favourite. Unusual being it’s not every day that I receive something like this! It’s the third and final 30th birthday present from the other travel bunnie and yes, HE SURE KNOWS HOW TO SPOIL THE WIFEY. I absolutely love this car. It’s so sleek, good looking, and drives like a dream. I have named the car Pretzel. Why? Well, it’s German and I love food… hahaha, no judgement. 

Favourite Moment - Minibun George turned 3 this month. THREE!!! I still remember the morning when I found out that I was pregnant; the first ever ultrasound at six weeks when I heard his strong heartbeat for the first time; the morning when I saw his face for the first time and that incredible, powerful moment when I realised that I had given birth to a wonderful little miracle that I carried in my body for 9 months… And somehow, in what felt like a flash of time, my little man is three years old. The other travel bunnie and I often joke about how much he has experienced in his 3 years of life compared to when we were kids - he’s visited more countries in these 3 years than I ever did when I was 21; his first 3-Michelin star experience as an 11-month old followed by his Emirates First Class journey at 2. People often ask if he’s going to remember all the things that he’s seen and eaten and experienced, and that’s when the other travel bunnie and I look at each other and say in unison that it’s that particular happy moment as a family that matters.

Minibun George’s birthday was low-key, we celebrated it with family and enjoyed great food. To top it all off, we enjoyed a limited edition ice cream cake from Gelato Messina. 

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