REVIEW: Cooking with Marley Spoon

I have a love-hate relationship with cooking. There, I’ve admitted it. On good days, I can cook up a wonderfully tender shoulder of lamb with honey and pistachios, and bake a delicious salted caramel and macadamia nut cheesecake for dessert; on bad days, well, let’s just say that the other travel bunnie shows a lot of love for me by finishing his meal and giving me an encouraging smile. 

The truth is, I enjoy cooking and it’s extremely rewarding seeing the two men in my house wolfing down whatever that I dish up, especially now that Minibun George has learned the word “yummy”. I’m not the most creative home cook out there, quite far from it actually, so weekday dinners usually take a lot of planning and grocery shopping which can get a little hectic with George; and even when I have the recipe and the right ingredients in front of me, it can be hard to concentrate on a page long recipe with George riding Thomas the Tank Engine around me in circles trying to get my attention.

I had tried a subscription food box service before, from a well known company and I was left utterly disappointed, I paid almost $100 for 3 meals and a box of fruits, and I was delivered bruised apples and mouldy sweetcorn. Recently, I found out about the launch of Marley Spoon in Queensland and I was eager to find out what makes Marley Spoon unique. 

On Monday morning just before 7:30, a brown box was delivered to my door. Inside were two recipe cards, a welcome brochure and two sealed brown paper bags, each marked with the name of the meals that I had chosen on Marley Spoon’s website (yes, rather than getting meals assigned to you, you get to choose what you want to eat from a professionally developed menu that changes weekly). Both bags were insulated with water-soluble chill packs to keep the food fresh, and they were filled with pre-portioned ingredients. Our dinners on those two nights were herbed crusted salmon with sweet potatoes, and lamb meatballs with white bean stew. With only 6 steps to follow, the cooking process was extremely simple and the meals were ready in 30 minutes, but most importantly they were so delicious! Having pre-portioned ingredients also meant that there was zero food wastage which is brilliant in my opinion. Yep, I used everything that came with the delivery, including part of a lemon which I sliced up and added it to my sparking water. I also love the fact that Marley Spoon works directly with local producers and suppliers to bring you the best seasonal ingredients, as well as partnering with local artisan food suppliers to feature Australian made products in their recipes. 

Marley Spoon not only makes eating well easy, it puts pleasure into cooking. If you are excited about cooking with Marley Spoon, use the code: MSDOLCE to get $35 off. 

Disclaimer: The ingredients were provided to DolceBunnie free of charge for a trial, please note that the views and opinions expressed in this post are as always, my own.

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