Remy's (The Rogue Rennard) | 106A Latrobe Terrace, PADDINGTON QLD 4064

So the leafy streets of Paddington have long been a favourite of the other travel bunnie and I when it comes to grabbing breakfasts on the weekend. There is just something relaxing about jumping into the car and driving out of the city a short distance into this cultural and quirky suburb. The café on our list of places to try was the Remy's (formerly known as The Rogue Rennard). We had seen in a number of times while driving by on Latrobe Terrace and given the sun was shining last Sunday, we decided to give it a go.

This indoor/outdoor establishment is located in a converted Queenslander which is perched on corner on the high side of Latrobe Terrace. Upon arriving we were greeted by one of the waiters who sat us in the front, outdoor area of the café and advised us that they had recently been rebranded Remy's (from The Rogue Rennard) and that the only other substantial change was that they were now using counter service. I was relieved that the menu hadn’t changed significantly as I had already checked out what I wanted to eat and was set on getting it. I ordered the Brioche w' strawberries, maple, vanilla pod ice cream and white chocolate ($13) while the other bunnie decided on the Thick cut bacon, two poached eggs, rocket & relish on sourdough ($14). Both dishes came out fast and I have to say from the outset that I was impressed with the portions given the prices. My brioche was really well prepared (the right balance of doughiness and crunch) and the vanilla bean ice cream was the perfect constancy (just oozing into the brioche). Importantly, the dish was not too sweet and I found it a great kick start to the day with my latte ($3.80).  The other travel bunnie was equally impressed with seeing two thick cut pieces of quality bacon, nice, yellow, gooey eggs and some damn tasty tomato relish. He said the dish was just the right amount for a wholesome breakfast and I tend to believe him given he didn’t even want to try my dish. He washed his meal down with a pleasant (if not a little too sweet) glass of cloudy apple juice ($3.50).

All in all, Remy's (the Rogue Rennard) is a mouthful to pronounce and equally a tasty mouthful for a breakfast. This is just another great addition to the list of quality breakfast places to get to in Paddington.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $34.30

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