Chur Burger | 20 Constance Street, FORTITUDE VALLEY QLD 4006

So Chur Burger is back and I can tell you that I am a fan! The other bunnie and I decided that we were in need of some burger lovin' last Saturday and so we packed up the family and jumped into our car to try the increasingly popular Chur Burger on Constance Street in the Valley. We were lucky enough not only to find a park right in front of the place but also to sneak in at peak hour and find a table for 2.1 of us at the window (scored … or should I say Chur!).

The place was pumping and despite the laid back/cool environment the sheer number of people made me feel like I was in a day club somewhere in Europe.  I placed my order with the other bunnie (who in turn placed it at the counter) and 25 mins latter arrived my Crispy pork belly, chilli caramel, slaw and aioli burger ($10) with a side of Iceberg lettuce, buttermilk dressing ($5).  In a word – Chur-licious.  The glossy sesame bun was a good size and well toasted, the pork belly was perfectly caramelised and sweet with just a hint of spice and the slaw added the perfect amount of crunch to each delicious mouthful of burger.  I was even impressed with my side which made for a relatively healthy alternative to chips while providing a punchy dressing that I attempted to soak up with the lettuce.  The other travel bunnie was a little less impressed with his Beef, pickle, cheese, tomato jam and Dijon mayonnaise burger ($10) and side of Chilli salted chips ($5).  He mentioned that the burger, while well put together, just lacked a little cheese and some sauce (which resulted in him giving it a good drenching of yellow mustard) and similarly the chilli salted chips where just not spicy enough.

We washed our food down with an organic ginger beer (a favourite of the other travel bunnie) and a house made pomegranate lemonade ($5 each).

Given the increasing popularity of funky burger joints in the CBD and surrounds I think that Chur burger is going to be a popular cheap eat amongst the people of Brissy for some time. 

Total Bunnie Dollars spent: $40 (and it was worth every chur penny)!

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