Sono Japanese Restaurant | 202-210 Edward Street, BRISBANE CBD QLD 4000

I was banned from eating sashimi for the entire period of my pregnancy, so when I received an invitation to attend a Bloggers Dinner at Sono Portside, I was overjoyed. Only days later that I had to cancel because of minibun George's arrival and I was in serious recovery mode.

Disappointed and disgruntled, the other travel bunnie promised that he would take me out to Sono once I have fully recovered.
So last Friday, mum came over to look after minibun George while the other travel bunnie and I had our first postnatal lunch date at Sono CBD.

Sono in the city provides several seating options, including a sushi bar, modern seating as well as traditional floor seating. Knowing that the restaurant would be busy, I made the reservation well ahead for a table at the traditional seating area. In comparison to the flash décor at Sono Portside, the venue in the city takes a more simple and humble approach but that's not to say that you don't feel a sudden rush of serenity upon arrival.

Given the limited time that we had, both of us opted for their bento boxes. Not long after, our lunch was presented by a yukata wearing waitress. She elegantly placed a sashimi bento ($35) in front of me and a sushi bento ($35) for the other travel bunnie. The thing I love about bento boxes is that you get to sample a great variety of beautifully prepared food. Both of the bento boxes are served with shrimp cocktail salad, soft shell crab karaage, miso soup, steamed rice and the chef's special dishes, as well as a choice of dishes such as assorted tempura or deep fried crumbed pork cutlets.

I can't think of anything bad to say as I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and every single element of it. I love Saké Restaurant & Bar for its contemporary twist on Japanese cuisine and chic designer setting, but when it comes to traditional and delicious Japanese food, Sono is an oldie but a very good goodie.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent:  $76

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