Sofitel Luxury Hotel Xi'an (西安索菲特) | Xi'an, CHINA

During the bunnies world-wind 20hour tour of Xi'an, we decided that the best place to get a comfortable night’s sleep was at the Sofitel on Renmin Square. The hotel forms part of a huge open air complex which is located a short cab ride away from most of the major attractions in the city (other than the Terracotta Warriors which are a short cab ride followed by a long bus ride away).  Upon arrival (which was a little before the official check in time) the reception staff advised that our room was still not available but offered to stow our bags while we hopped out and explored the city and the Warriors. Upon arriving much later in the day we were advised by the reception staff that we had been upgraded to a Junior Suite for the night which was a nice bonus.

As with other Sofitel hotels that we have stayed at in the past, the property was comfortable, clean but not as nicely finished as the other properties we visited in China.  The suite was quite large with a comfortable lounge area and large opening windows but the bathroom and soft furnishings felt dated and let the style of the room down (particularly given the rich history and vibrant culture that can be found in every corner of Xi'an).  Given that we were only in the room for a short number of hours during our stay and that we did not use any of the other onsite facilities at the hotel it is hard to provide much more of a review but I found the property, staff and location all sound.

Bunnies’ Room Type: Junior Suite
Number of Rooms and Suites: 414 rooms including 72 suites
Swimming pool: Yes
Check-in/check-out times: 2pm and 12pm
Price: $150+ AUD

Hotel Class: 4.5 Star

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