Cowch Dessert and Cocktail Bar | 2/179 Grey Street, SOUTH BRISBANE QLD 4101

After the Night Noodle Markets, like two kids who sneaked out on a school night, the other travel bunnie and I were in mutual agreement that it was too early to go home, and headed to Cowch Dessert Cocktail Bar for some sweet treats.

It's hard not to like this place, which is decorated with over hanging lights in the shapes of milk bottles and cows' udders. I had one look at the menu and my heart was pounding with excitement but I was also faced with the dilemma of picking out a dessert from the many potential options. Options such as their signature gourmet dessert pizzas ($17) or naked pops ($9.80) that can be dipped in your choice of chocolate and then topped with your choice of three toppings. That menu seriously brings out the greed in people.

In the end, I decided to have a tiramisu with cookies & cream ice cream ($11.50) with a classic dark hot chocolate ($6). And as for the other travel bunnie, he opted for the waffle bowl ($13.80) served with condensed milk ice cream and turkish delight ice creams then topped with chocolate flakes and Oreo. The tiramisu had a distinctive taste of liqueur to it which I found to be quite strong but the other travel bunnie was happy to switch desserts with me. I was so happy that he did because I loved his dessert to bits! Both ice creams, especially the condensed milk ice cream was extremely creamy and delicious. As for the hot chocolate, it wasn't as thick as I was expecting but it was definitely filled with chocolate goodness. And as a bonus point, it was served in such a cute cup!

Before we even left Cowch, we were already planning our next visit!

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $31.30

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