DINING IN - Breakfast, brunch or brinner...

With only one more sleep to go till we finally get to meet minibun George, I am beyond excited. However, I have been given strict doctors order to fast for six hours which means no breakfast for this bunnie. I've always believed that breakfast, be it simple or scrumptious, is a vital element to the start of every day.

But just as I was feeling a little disgruntled about not being able to have my bacon and eggs in the morning, a food miracle happened. I found out that to accommodate people's demands Domino's has added an all-day Aussie Breakfast Pizza to their menu. Booyah!

So tonight, the other travel bunnie and I had the great pleasure of devouring two brekky pizzas (yes, at night, when the sky was dark, the moon was out and we were in our warm pyjamas) that were packed with scrambled eggs and crispy rasher bacon before being topped with smokey BBQ sauce. I can't think of a better way to describe the pizza other than to tell you that it's exactly like eating a traditional hearty breakfast except that you get to taste all the ingredients in one bite and in a pizza form. Pretty convenient and awesome in my opinion. I think I'll let the photos do the talking.

To finish off the meal, we each had a Belgian choc lava cake and salted caramel chocolate mousse. My favourite was the lava cake. My heart (and stomach) was overfilled with happiness when I saw the melted chocolate slowly oozing out of the chocolate cake with one gentle scoop. It was warm and chocolatey. You'd have to be a chocolate hater to not like it. The other travel bunnie preferred the salted caramel chocolate mousse for its depth of rich flavours, light mousse texture and gooey sauce in the centre.

Hey, as much as I love my breakfast, who says you can only enjoy bacon and eggs in the morning? Now you can have it anytime you want so long as you have the hunger for them.

Disclaimer: our brinner was provided free of charge courtesy of Domino's.

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