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I don’t know if I’ll be able to forget the excitement that filled my near frozen body when I first saw the Chocolate Concrete at Shake Shack.

It was in the middle of Winter, the other travel bunnie and I were shivering away while standing in what seemed to be a never ending queue at the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, where the famous roadside burger joint was born.

I had downloaded their menu before our departure (well before our departure) and I knew exactly what I wanted: a ShackBurger, cheese fries and a Chocolate Concrete, also known as the Shack Attack.  No doubt as the name suggests, you’ve gotta be prepared for something as intense as this.  Shack Attack comes with chocolate custard, fudge sauce, chocolate truffle cookie dough and Mast Brothers Shake Shack dark chocolate chunks and theeennn, it is all topped with chocolate sprinkles. In fact, the Shack Attack is so thick that if you turn it upside down, nothing comes out of the cup. Yeah, you hear me?  

I have to say that the burger that I had at Super Duper in San Francisco tasted better than the ShackBurger, but hey, I wasn’t complaining.  It was a good night, being able to dine under the stars with the moon high above your head and have fairy lights glistening on your face.  Oh, not to mention that we were surrounded by cute fluffy squirrels wanting to take a bite of whatever was left behind.

The second time we tried Shake Shack was on New Year’s Day at their Theatre District outlet.  We waited about thirty minutes to get in and another ten while carrying a tray with our food because we couldn’t find a table.  I must say that on that occasion the food didn’t taste as good.

I think Shake Shack is a great place to go in New York when you’re after gourmet fast food, and definitely don’t miss out on the Shack Attack. 

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Shake Shack on Urbanspoon

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