Moose and Gibson | 77 Jurgens Street, BRISBANE QLD 4102

So it’s been three weeks since we’ve been back from our recent holiday in China and for some strange reason I haven’t been that eager to dine out. I suppose that I am still suffering from post-holiday depression.

The other travel bunnie suggested that we head out for breakfast on Sunday, just so that we could get back into our weekend routine again.

Not knowing what’s new and hip around town since we’ve been away from the foodie scene for a while, we jumped onto urbanspoon and ended at Moose and Gibson in Woolloongabba.

We found a small table by the kerb where we enjoyed our pleasant breakfast – pancakes w’ caramelised banana ($13.50) and quark eggs with ham and asparagus ($15.90).  I strongly recommend the pancakes.  They were simple and tasty. The freshness of the sliced strawberries was made a contrast to the heavenly sweet caramel sauce that was lathered over the perfectly cooked pancakes.

I also loved the blackberry, coconut and honey smoothie, which was thick and packed with flavours.  It was a steal at $6 and on any other day could almost pass a light meal in itself.

I think that breakfast at Moose and Gibson had helped cure my post-holiday depression so hopefully lots more new posts to come!

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $39.40

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