Aquitaine | Sidon Street, SOUTH BRISBANE QLD 4101

After I finished my French class last Saturday, the other travel bunnie took me to Aquitaine for a light lunch.

If you can recall, the weather was humid and hot. The sun, as if it was playing a game of hide and seek with us, would disappear among the clouds, then ten minutes later, it would show its steamy face again.

The muggy air made me feel dizzy so the other travel bunnie ordered a glass of Miss Muffet for me, a perfect drink on a hot day with the tangy yet sweet taste of mixed berries immediately making me feel a lot better.

Our waiter was extremely friendly and recommended the other travel bunnie try the 28 day pale ale from Queensland to quench his thirst and it was a great drop.

The waiter chitchatted with us for a while we were waiting for our light lunch, a salad Nicoise w confit tuna ($18) and a warm confit duck salad, rocket, kipfler, onion jam, fetta ($18).

I wouldn't have chosen a different place for lunch on that day. Both of our meals were extremely light and fresh in taste, but the quantity substantial enough go keep us going for the rest of the afternoon, which saw us head over to a travel expo at the nearby Convention Centre and grab more than thirty travel brochures, but who's counting anyways?

The lunch was fabulous and we found out that Aquitaine is owned by the creator of Malt on Market Street in the CBD as well as Glass in the valley. We've also been fans of Malt, so it's no wonder that Aquitaine impressed us without a doubt.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $44.50

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