Athens, GREECE Part 2

I woke up feeling refreshed. The craving for Greek yoghurt with honey and walnuts suddenly came to me. I watched an episode of Anthony Bourdain's show where he devoured what appeared to be some creamy, simple yet heavenly delicious Greek yoghurt in Greece and I had wanted to try some ever since.

Finding a place that sells the yoghurt wasn't hard. In fact, we went to a souvlaki shop and the owner of the shop kindly put together my breakfast while the the other travel bunnie feasted on a giant chicken gyros (for breakfast, really??).

Inevitably, my day started on a sweet note and it didn't stop there. Although I was slightly disgruntled about the fact that all of the boutiques were closed on Sunday, my tantrum soon finished when the other travel bunnie took me to the top of Lykavittos Hill (aka Hill of Wolves'). A path can take you all the way up to the summit, but we opted for the easy option, by going up taking the funicular railway (6 for a return ticket). The view from the summit was breathtaking and it made me appreciate how big Athens really was.

We continued our day with a stroll around Monastiraki, a colourful and chaotic area where you can lose yourself among the treasure hunting antiques dealer or just looking at the unique objects that catch your attention.

The day ended with us boarding onto an overnight ferry from Piraeus (Πειραιας) to Crete. 

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