Heraklion, GREECE

We arrived in Heraklion very early in the morning. By ferry. When it reached the harbour, the sky was still dark, the moon was shining on the water. Serenity. We were eager to get off, with excitement of course. I wanted to see this town, its Venetian castle, its old harbour and the history that was left behind by the Ottoman empire.

The town was so quiet just before dawn. With barely anyone on the streets, a few homeless puppies wandering around and us... trying to capture this peaceful moment and carefully store it somewhere in our memories.

Watching the sunrise from the Old Harbour was an amazing experience. It was hypnotic.

Somewhere close to the Cathedral, we found a little cafe and had some ice cold frappe with honeyed feta and walnuts. God, I love Greek food. I often dream about going back to Greece for summer vacations, get up early in the morning and eat all day long (haha... spotted, a lil' piggy).

We strolled around the streets of Heraklion. Then, a bus trip took us to the lost city of Knossos (Κνωσός), which also translates to the labyrinth. According to the ancient Greek legend, a half man half bull monstrous creature, called the Minotaur lived inside of the Palace and people who entered this place would eventually get lost and get eaten by the Minotaur. How much of this incredible tale is based on reality isn't important to me, because it was an amazing experience being able to stand on the ruins of the Knossos Palace, once the ceremonial and political centre of the Minoan civilisation and culture.

And that ended the travel bunnies' day trip to Heraklion. 

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