It took me a long time to decide on which town to stay in Crete, but we settled on Rethymno. It is the third largest town in Crete, but its narrow streets, the Venetian fortress and enchanting old town makes Rethymno the perfect place to stay for a few nights just to relax.

And that's what we did for three days. Just lazying around the villa, eating, swimming (well, for me it was more like watching the other travel bunnie swimming), sunbaking, eating, taking a few shots of raki and watching the sunset together.

On one day, we took a day trip to Hania. This town has so much Venetian influence in its architecture and therefore it is extremely popular among tourists. We had lunch at a waterfront taverna. It was an overpriced affair but it was a really romantic spot and great for people watching.

Crete is a big place to explore and I would go back there time and time again to lose myself in the criss-crossed cobble stoned lanes.

Ps. on our last in Rethymno, we discovered this awesome place that sells loukoumades (honey puffs). If only I had discovered it sooner...

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