Milk, 16 Ashgrove Avenue, ASHGROVE QLD 4060

We went to Milk after the other travel bunnie picked me up from the airport on a Sunday morning. At the time, I had been away from home for about two weeks in an Asian country and I was in need of a simple Western-style breakfast.

Clean yet bright with a retro twist, the yellow-coloured stripes at Milk instantly made me feeling perkier after 9 hours of flying. On top of that, a big glass of blueberry smoothies together with a plate of eggs, sausage, bacon and hash browns were the perfect combination to cure my mini jet-lag (though the time difference was only two hours...). The food was tasty, so I wasted no time in performing a disappearing act of what was on my plate (into the stomach they go, weeeeeee~).

Milk, anyone?

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  1. Milk. Sounds familiar to me.
    Oh that milkshake looks so yummy.
    I wish I can travel everywhere my heart wants to go, dine in and took lots of pictures of it like you did.