Monte Carlo, MONACO

Ahh... Monte Carlo, a place where the rich people are living their lives in extravagant style and the good looking girls are desperately seeking silver foxes with mega yachts. The city even smells like wealth (or it could be a mixture of sea breeze and sunshine, I'm not too sure).

It's been exactly two years since I visited Monte Carlo. I had been told that people dress nicely there and a dress would be essential to gain entry to Casino de Monte Carlo. So off I went to the nearest H & M and bought a fringe dress that was two size too big for me for €14.95.

To get into the casino, a €10 entry fee is required. I'm not a gambler but I was excited to see this crème de la crème of casinos. And the verdict, totally worth it! Those people sitting at tables with thousands of euros in their hands scared me, but I was more than happy to sit at the bar sipping on a long island iced tea (so damn strong but I thought at €20 euro per glass, I should definitely order a drink with the most alcohol content to get my money's worth). People watching is highly recommended for those who don't gamble and/or can't afford to gamble, like moi. Most of the men there were really well dressed and yes, a lot of them had model material girlfriends with whitened teeth, long luscious hair and flawless skin.

As I stepped out of the casino, I saw a plethora of cars, luxury sports cars. From Lamborghini, to Ferrari, to Bentley, to I-don't-know-what-you-are-but-you-look-very-expensive, they were all there. So clean and you know, ready to be driven... and one was waiting for me.

I went back to Grasse on a coach feeling satisfied about life, I had something to looking forward after my holiday in Europe. Something big, warm and cuddly. Something life-changing.

Wanna become a Monégasque citizen you say? Lodge a request on a stamped paper addressed directly to the Prince.

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  1. beautiful photos! I've always wanted to visit Monaco..

    1. It's stunning. Ps. Love your blog Tiffany. x