Chouquette, 19 Barker Street, NEW FARM QLD 4005

We went and saw the Prado exhibition at QAG yesterday and when we stepped out, the weather was beautiful. Both of us were in the mood for some sweets and since I've always wanted to go to Chouquette after having tasted my delicious birthday cake, we hopped onto a ferry to New Farm (and I spotted a cute giant duck floating on the river, just chillin' and getting a sun tan I suppose).

Chouquette is a lot smaller than I had imagined. Located in a quiet neighbourhood, it's very popular among the locals.

We sat and talked about our upcoming holiday over some pastries and hot drinks, it was really relaxing to be honest.

I heard that they make fabulous almond croissants but unfortunately, neither of us had any room left in our stomachs.

I probably wouldn't travel to New Farm for some French pastries considering that Le Bon Choix is conveniently located only one block away from where we live and they are just as good if not better.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $20.30

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  1. looks really nice here..I love that Champs Elysees sign!!

    1. yeah, i thought it was a very nice touch :)

  2. I made your coffees! :) Check out more Chouquette & my coffees on my Instagram 'platinum_valley'

    1. really? you made the bear? i loved it and thought it was fabulous.

  3. Yep. Indeed I did. Glad you liked it :) Love the pictures you took!