Sing's Asian Kitchen, 5 Nash Street, ROSALIE QLD 4064

Ever since I've started my new job, cooking dinner on Monday nights seems like an unachievable task. I keep making empty promises to cook at home but I swear that there is this invisible force that's stopping me from cooking...

Dinner tonight was at Sing's Asian Kitchen in Rosalie. It's a small restaurant that provides cheap and quick Asian fusion food. Famous for their Wing-Wing (deboned chicken wings stuffed with delicious ingredients including water chestnuts), I had to have them. They tasted pleasant on their own but the dipping sauce created perfection.

As for our mains, we opted for two Chef's Recommendation dishes – Peppercorn roasted duck and Ketchup pork chops. I was especially disappointed of the duck which only came with a few thinly sliced duck meat and tasteless vegetables. The Ketchup pork chops was a better option.

The steamed rice wasn't fluffy, it was cold and burnt. I felt embarrassed for staff who presented this to us. I ordered their mango sticky rice in an attempt to finish my meal on a sweet note and it turned out to be disappointing as well.

Based on the great reviews on the internet, we must've went on a busy night. But should that be a good excuse? 

On a positive, the service was very friendly.

Although I wouldn't take my friends to Sing's Asian Kitchen for a tantalising culinary experience, given the number of different dishes that this restaurant has on offer, it could be a dinner option on a lazy Monday night.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $49.80.

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PS. Sing's Kitchen also has a shop in Cooparoo.

Sings Asian Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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  1. Obviously you did go on an off night. We regularly attend Sings Asian Kitchen in Coorparoo - simply wonderful... do yourself a favour...drop by this one and have a red hot go!!! You won't be disappointed :)

    1. Yes, I've heard good things about this restaurant and we will give it a go for sure! :)