Nagomi Restaurant, Eagle Street Pier, BRISBANE CBD QLD 4000

Nagomi was visited by us last Friday at lunch as salmon is always a good option during Lent. We had heard that Nagomi is the little sister of Sono and inevitably, high expectations were held by both of us. We made our way there around 12:30 and the place was pumping! Surprisingly, salmon was no longer an available option and under the recommendation of the cashier, the other travel bunny ordered a cod bento and specifically requested that no diary product be included in the meal.

When we received our meals, what do you know? A big slab of aioli was sitting right on top of the fish. Being nice and all, the other travel bunny just casually removed the crumb coating… until we both saw the almost paper-thin fish fillet. That aside, the teriyaki chicken portions on my bento were little more than thin slither of meat of the same size as the carrots (picture below as evidence). Regrettably, both of us were extremely disappointed with Nagomi.

Don't be fooled, Nagomi is just Hanaichi with a prettier outfit.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $25.00 (or thereabout). 

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  1. come to think about it, nagomi is pretty expensive for the bento set!

    then again, i think hanaichi has really cut down on their portions alot (esp the one at macarthur central) getting almost 1.5 times the meat and sauce over here in melbourne!

    1. Joe, i am so envious, you have absolutely no idea. The food scene in Melbourne must be awesome!!!! I'll be sure to check out your blog regularly before I go to Melbourne for a weekend getaway. ^