Harajuku Gyoza, 394 Brunswick Street, FORTITUDE VALLEY QLD 4006

I was hesitant for a long time before going to Harajuku Gyoza. I mean, I just couldn’t justify the price for their gyoza when mum can make the most amazing cute dumplings for me (upon my request with puppy eyes and a genuine smile).

Having seen Harajuku Gyoza as the number one most talked about restaurant in Brisane for more than two months, I was too curious to find out what’s so good about this place.

We picked Tuesday night as we gathered that it would probably be the quietest night of the week and luckily there were only three tables ahead of us upon our arrival.

The ambience of this funky Japanese restaurant is great. You get the usual, loud いらっしゃいませ from the staff as you walk in and I love their colourful plates.

The menu is not particularly big, after all it is call Harajuku Gyoza. Although service was efficient, we weren’t too impressed with the gyoza. Grilled duck gyoza ($8.00) tasted like pork gyoza ($8.00) which also tasted like chicken gyoza ($8.00)… they were bland and the bottom of the grilled gyozas were too soft. The chicken karage on the other hand was quite tender ($8.00). Apple gyoza w’ ice cream ($9.00) was yet another mediocre dessert. So I have to say that my favourite of the night was edamame ($4.00) and their plum wine ($8.00).

I suppose Harajuku Gyoza is in a sense a novelty addition to the BNE culinary scene, it’s funky and the concept is unusual. But I would probably put on my puppy eyes when I have cravings for gyoza again. 

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