Izakaya Kotobuki | 93 Albert Street, BRISBANE QLD 4000

Recently, we stopped by at a newly opened izakaya on Albert Street on our way home after work.

Much remains unchanged at the previous site of Jeremy’s Bistro’s time and unfortunately, another old favourite of mine bites the dust.

If Kotobuki rings a bell for you, chances are you’ve been to the extremely popular sushi restaurant located at Kangaroo Point.  Izakaya Kotobuki is the new venture by the same people that offers a lot more options than just sushi. 

Like quite a few Japanese places in Brisbane, iPads are provided as your ordering system. The good thing about this system is that it is extremely efficient and assists in the visualisation of the menu items. The bad thing is, well, you might go overboard with the ordering because your eyes are often bigger than your tummy and it’s simply too easy to place an order.

A cup of Japanese green tea ($2 per teabag) and some salmon sashimi ($8) later, we were presented with Lion King ($9), our favourite sushi from Kotobuki. It’s a combination of crab stick, cucumber and avocado topped with slightly grilled salmon and cheese, and can I say I love the slightly burnt taste of the fat from the salmon pieces. We also shared a Wagyu beef tenshoku ($17.50). Served on a sizzling hot plate, the wagyu slices were drizzled with garlic Tamari soy sauce. The meat lacked the tenderness and any real flavour so it’s not something that we would order again. We finished the meal with a set of Kotobuki Rolls ($10). These tempura sushi were stuffed with crumbed chicken, cream cheese and avocado, and as you can imagine, they were fairly rich in texture. I found the concept of tempura sushi to be quite interesting and they are worth a try for $10.

We walked out of Izakaya Kotobuki with mixed feelings. As much as we would’ve to love this place, we both thought that the experience was mediocre.

Having said that, the wall decorated with traditional Japanese paper lanterns adds a nice touch to the restaurant’s d├ęcor. 

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $48.50

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  1. It's Albert st not Adelaide as your beginning sentence states.