My Sweetopia, 180 Grey Street , BRISBANE QLD 4101

My Sweetopia is a nice spot to stop & chill for a coffee (and a cupcake (or two…)).

We stumbled across this place on the first weekend of December, when Matisse came to town. The shop itself looked nothing special, just another corner café opened in this lively inner city suburb filled with tourists and gallery go-ers. It’s the display cabinet that attracts your attention. Those colourful, sweet looking things neatly presented in front of you. A bunny with a sweet tooth like me can hardly resist that kind of temptations.

We didn’t finish admiring the artworks by Matisse until late in the afternoon and most of the cupcakes had already been snatched away by sweet-toothed monsters (pretty much).

A strawberry meringue cupcake and a mint chocolate cupcake were shared between the two of us and they were accompanied by a mango smoothie and an iced coffee.

Although the mango smoothie was a little on the average side (watery rather than creamy), the rest remained positive. Considering that macarons these days cost at least $2.00 each, I was surprised that the price on these cupcakes are under $4.00! Thumbs up for the creativity, My Sweetopia!

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  1. Hey. ur shots are looking awesome these days. what have u done?

  2. spent some time on food photography plus a good camera, i guess. I'm looking into getting a new camera lense.