Tank Restaurant & Bar, 31 Tank Street, BRISBANE QLD 4000

It has taken me a while to come up with something to write about about Tank. You wouldn't classify this place as a fine dining restaurant, but the title of 'casual dining' doesn't seem to serve it justice either.  Located underneath of the stylish Santos Place, this creation by Alastair McLeod (brainchild of Bretts Wharf) serves contemporary Australian collaborated with Japanese fusion.

The interior of the restaurant itself seemed slightly dull for my liking and didn’t do enough to capture my imagination (or leave an impression on me for that matter).

We had roasted scollops, spanner crab, ponzu mayonnaise and pickles ($26.00) for an entree, which was a good starter. It was light and refreshing, spanner crab - soft and sweet. I must admit that we were looking forward to sharing their lamb shoulder with shiso mint sauce ($81.00) all day while we were at work. The lamb shoulder was cut and served onto our plates by our waitress. Juicy, indeed. But the mint sauce tasted average. We also had green beans, miso dressing ($8.00) and beer battered chips & mayonnaise ($7.00) on the side but unfortunately again the sides did not seem to rise to the occasion.

During dinner, I overheard a lady sitting at the table next to us asking about the concept of the restaurant. The waitress explained that it is targeted at miners... umm...

To lift up my spirit, I ordered forest berries, chocolate honeycomb w' sesame ice cream. The raspberries were filled with mascarpone (**beginning of a bunny's ranting: I hate to come across as a picky foodie, but our waitress advised us that the berries were filled with cheesecake... let's just say, I was disappointed. End of a bunny's ranting**).  Other than that, the dessert was colourful, creative and the sesame ice cream, oh my god, it tasted good!

A girlfriend of mine has  strongly recommended that I try the smoked duck when we next return and although we are not in a rush to go back, I sure hope that our next dining experience will be be an improvement.

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