The Smoke BBQ, 85 Merthyr Road, NEW FARM

A bar decorated with cowhides, a wall filled with firelogs, The Smoke BBQ reminds you of Texas, cowboys and … ribs. Yeeeeeha~ 

The other travel bunny and I arrived at this restaurant in New Farm on one Sunday night, we were promptly greeted and seated.

Their complimentary corn bread & lemon butter soon arrived at our table. The bread was sweet and moist.

We ordered the famous buffalo chicken wings with blue cheese dipping, Kansas City baby back pork ribs and Texas beef short ribs. 

I'm not quite sure that I liked my baby pork ribs, but the beef ribs were definitely delicious and juicy. 

Both mains were served with chips however, we ordered their coleslaw on the side as well just so that … we weren't feelings so guilty…

As we were chewing on our meaty dinner, a scream came from the table next to us, the high pitch noise was then followed by a series of moaning and heavy breathing. I turned my head to see what the fuss was all about, only to realize that a young gentleman around the age of 25 was gulping down a glass of milk, sweat dripped down his forehead. The other travel bunny and I looked at each other and nodded in mutual agreement… ‘3rd degree burn’... So, unless you are a chili expert, I wouldn’t recommend that you try the buffalo chicken wings covered in their spiciest sauce.

Dinner at The Smoke BBQ was an enjoyable experience and the restaurant is worth another visit for sure.

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