Le Bon Choix, 379 Queen St, BRISBANE QLD 4000

You know how sometimes you just want to get out of the office because you've been having a really bad day at work? I go to Le Bon Choix when that happens. 

Those colourful, mouth-watering cakes sitting in the display cabinet, they just stare right into your eyes: 'eat me, eat us, you know you want to…"

Their cakes are not just pure indulgence on a plate, but each one of them is a masterpiece hand-crafted by a French artist. 

My personal favourites are Miroula (macadamia mouse and creme brulee centre)and their must-have chocolate eclairs. 

So next time when you need a perk-me-up, why not go to Le Bon Choix? 

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  2. Thanks for your comments, Paula. More posts will be up and coming. Have a pleasant weekend!

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