Monty's Chocolates, 288 Edward Street, BRISBANE CBD QLD 4000

I’ve been meaning to visit Monty’s Chocolates for a long time, so when I found out that a new shop had been opened in the CBD, I was overwhelmed.

The city store is located on busy Edward street, but it’s surprisingly hidden away from the all of the chaos. t’s more of a dessert destination rather than a place where you can go during lunch time to grab a quick bite, well unless you’re like me and prefer to have waffles with ice cream for lunch. Mind you, that is exactly what I had on my first visit. They also offer a Taste Plate for two for $21.80.

On my way out, I found out that Monty’s sells Charbonnel et Walker chocolate, yum. Monty’s has a cute “courtyard” at the front of the store and it’s the perfect spot to chill on a sunny day.

Paddingtong Store:

Monty's Chocolates on Urbanspoon

City Store:

 Monty's Chocolates on Urbanspoon

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