Noritor | 151 George Street, BRISBANE CBD QLD 4000

Having wandered past Casino Towers countless times before on our travels around the CBD, I decided the other night that the other travel bunnie and I would stop into Noritor for a quick sample of their Korean cuisine.

It had just gone 6pm, the city had been hit by a short and sharp thunderstorm and the restaurant was quite which meant that we could stroll in and take our pick of the tables. Given that I had been busy running errands earlier in the day, I wasted no time in ordering hot stone bulgogi ($13.90) and spicy kimchi pancake ($8) with the other travel bunnie going for his Korean safe food, a hot stone bibimbap ($14.50) with an interesting twist being the addition of teriyaki chicken. The food literally arrived within ten minutes and I have to say we were both pleasantly surprised. The bulgogi was served in a stone bowl which retained the dish's heat meaning that each spoonful that I poured over the accompanying rice bubbled away all the way into my tummy. The other travel bunnie's dish was the star with the teriyaki chicken was soft and cooked with just the right amount of sweetness. Even the kimchi pancake was the perfect balance of spicy and sour carb goodness.

I found Noritor quick, convenient and yet another good option of Korean food in the CBD. Don't walk by this place again – check it out.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $43.90

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