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Of late the other travel bunnie and I have been on a mission to shorten our ever growing list of places to try. Now that minibun George is close to two months old, we are finding it a lot easier to settle him into a routine and therefore get back into our old routine of eating out.

And hence the three of us ended up at Habitat Restaurant & Bar in West End last Saturday for lunch. The menu at Habitat is great. We were told by our cheerful waitress that we could order from both the lunch and dinner menu if we wished. The lunch menu provided a nice selection of options at really reasonable prices. I'm talking about $15 for a nice sounding dish. A lot of cafes don't even do breakfast at that price these days.

We started off with a ginger beer and a pot of brewed chai with soy milk ($6). The chai wasn't as good as I had hoped for, and was, dare I say, stingy on the chai leaves leaving me with a strong soy milk taste and not much else. Now that I come to think of it, I really should've said something to the waitress.

Lunch arrived a little later. My poached chicken salad ($13.50) looked fresh and vibrant. The chicken was well poached but the actual salad had not a lot of taste if it wasn't for a few smoked tomatoes. I found the best part about the salad was the grilled haloumi. The other travel bunnie's pork belly wrap ($15) was a better dish in comparison to mine. The pork belly had a nice crunch to it and the salad was fresh, but again it didn't have any memorable flavour to grab our attention. Both dishes were slightly on the bland side and dare I say a touch boring. Even the chat potatoes ($6) came out with no seasoning and were undercooked despite the fact that the menu had them including roast garlic and lemon.

I hate to say it but Habitat didn't do much for us. Although I think Habitat ticked all the right boxes in terms of its atmosphere and the well thought and VERY reasonably priced menu; the lunch that we had was rather mediocre. I hope it was a one-off thing and perhaps the other travel bunnie and I will return for dinner one night before we write it off.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent:  $48

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