Ribs & Burgers | 39 James Street, FORTITUDE VALLEY QLD 4006

Last Friday night A, H and baby A met up with us for dinner for the first time in three months. The dinner gathering meant that there would be two Bugaboo Cameleons with two babies aged at 9 months and 2 months, plus four hungry adults all at the same place. Inevitably, we wanted somewhere that was baby friendly (i.e. people wouldn't look at you with disapproval when your baby screams), spacious and provides decent meals.

Ribs and Burgers immediately came to mind.

When we arrived at this James Street eatery, the A family had already scored a nice table outside. After a long greeting with lots of kisses and cuddles, we got down to the serious business – deciding on what to eat for dinner. While the men went to the counter to place the orders, H and I caught up on our recent lives, mostly baby related stuff seeing as that's all I tend to talk about these days.

The meals didn't take long to come out at all given how busy the joint was. Two plates of beef ribs ($27 each) for the hubbies and best of both ($25 each) for H and I. When it comes to food, I suck at making decisions because we all know that my eyes are bigger than my stomach by a few times over. So what I love about best of both is that you get your choice of ribs as well as two mini burgers (chicken and beef).Best of both also comes with either chips or salad. Given that the other travel bunnie was having chips with his dish, I decided to have the cabbage salad with mine. The salad tasted fresh and crunchy. It was a combination of red and white cabbage, chopped apple, roasted pine nuts, fresh mint and parsley, seasoned and dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. To me, the salad had just a tiny bit too much lemon juice, making the acidity of the citrus fruit really prominent in the dish. My choice of ribs was lamb. Having been marinated and slow cooked for 8 hours, grilled and then caramelised with the eatery's secret basting, the lamb ribs was succulent, fatty and I could really taste the smokiness in the meat as well. The two mini burgers were delicious as well. My first impression of the burgers as I took my first bite was how soft and yummy the hand rolled buns tasted! So as you can tell, I absolutely enjoyed my dinner. The men were happy with the beef ribs as well. Although the portions are not as big as the Hurricane's Grill, the price is a lot friendlier in comparison. The pork ribs, slightly on the dry side, turned out to be the less attractive of them all.

I would definitely go back to Ribs and Burgers for dinner again. The ambience is relaxed and cozy, it's baby friendly with minimal waiting time on the meals and above all, the food taste nice!

Minibun Friendly? - Yes
Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $120

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