DINING IN - Delicious Gourmet Cookies by Brumby's Bakery

I was trying to settle minibun George to sleep yesterday afternoon, when the intercom rang.

Are you Jennie?” asked the stranger at the other end.


I have a package for you”.

So I hopped downstairs in my Minnie Mouse slippers, eager to find out what's inside the package.

Labeled Freshly baked treats inside, the package was from Brumby's Bakery and inside were eight thoughtfully presented Lindt chocolate filled, freshly baked Gourmet Cookies. And that sight, put a big smile on my face. It might not mean much to a lot of people out there, but for a first time mum who no longer has time to bake as her day is scheduled with feeding, burping, nappy changing and settling (on a three hour cycle)... those delicious looking Gourmet Cookies were exactly what I was craving!

I checked on minibun George to make sure that he was sleeping, quickly boiled some hot water and made myself some aromatic Earl Grey, grabbed two magazines and sat down on the wicker lounge on our balcony.

It felt like the perfect afternoon as I soaked under the warm winter sun. I wanted to slowly enjoy the cookies but as I took my first bite, it was all over. I started munching on those generously chocolate filled cookies (and it wasn't any chocolate, it was LINDT!) like a hungry kid who hasn't been fed for an eternity. My favourite part of the cookies has to be the Lindt chocolate button in the centre of the cookie, and thats why I ate around the cookies and let the chocolate centre slowly melted in my mouth.

My afternoon of indulgence lasted for roughly twenty minutes. It ended when minibun George decided to wake up again and seek some attention. I didn't mind it. That twenty minutes was all I needed to unwind and enjoy those delicious Gourmet Cookies from Brumby's Bakery.

Disclaimer: these Gourmet Cookies were provided courtesy of Brumby's Bakery, however my opinion is as always, my own.

*Gourmet Cookies are baked daily in Brumby's bakeries across the country and are available for a limited time until 31 July 2014.

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