Ozone at The Ritz Carlton | Hong Kong, CHINA

When the plane finally landed at Hong Kong International Airport, I let out a long breath of relief. The flight wasn't my worst, in fact other than some minor turbulence along the way and what seemed like an unusually long landing, it was pretty good. But, I was ready to have a nice drink at Ozone to calm my nerves, as I've never been a fan of flying.

Perched above the clouds on level 118 in The Ritz Carlton, Ozone is the tallest bar in the world and it happened to be right next door to where we were staying for the night, W Hong Kong.

We wanted to sit outside where fantastic views across the Victoria Harbour can be seen, but on that particular night, a Category 3 cyclone had reached Hong Kong, so we sat by the bar and watched a talented bartender worked his magic on my Lychee Martini (which is one of their signature cocktails). It was sooo yummy.

The other travel bunnie had a beer, which was no where near as exciting as my drink, but given that neither of us are drinkers, the beer was more than enough to put him into the holiday mood.

Ozone is modern, sleek and sexy. Despite there being many funky bars in Hong Kong, not one is quite like Ozone, where you can get a delicious taste of the high life (quite literally).

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $200HKD (or thereabouts)

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