Locanda Osteria & Bar | 100 McLachlan Street, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

So as I have mentioned before, this festive season (and I understand that it’s all over now) has made me one lazy blogger. I’m so far behind on my posts despite the fact that we’ve done hardly anything other than eating out (A LOT).

So to get me back into the blogging spirit, I think we should go back to the beginning of the festive season, when the other travel bunnie and I met up with a couple friends of ours for a pre-Christmas dinner at Locanda Osteria and Bar, a restaurant located in the newly developed M&A Lane that focuses on authentic Italian cuisine.

We started off with fried baby calamari ($17), prosciutto and rockmelon ($19), meatballs in a house-made tomato sauce ($14) and some bruschetta ($12). The entrees were ok, nothing too impressive. The fried baby calamari was probably the best out of them all, it was very well seasoned.  The meatballs were slightly disappointing in comparison and we should know, because we had an Italian in the group.

Our disappointment vanished when the two servings of the spiedo misti - a selection of spit roasted meats w/ salsa ($60) arrived at our table. The delicious and juicy roasted meat stood there on the table, begging us to eat it all - QUICKLY!

I personally think that the share plates were great value. We got a good selection of meats and they were very tasty especially when dipped in the accompanying salsas. Some roasted potatoes and grilled seasonal vegetables were ordered as sides (both $10 each), but none of us paid too much attention to them for the obvious reason.

We also felt as though the wait staff, although friendly, lacked some general knowledge about the menu as we received two completely different answers as to which salsa went with which meat, but it wasn't a big issue given that the meats were fantastically cooked and tasted good regardless.

It was a nice dinner, but it wasn't nice enough for us to stay for desserts. I think this venue will develop with time but isn’t at the top of its game just yet,

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $229.50

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  1. That plate of various meats looks amazing! yummmmm


    1. Hi Corrie :)

      Yeah, I was really impressed with the platter. Hope you had a nice Christmas break.