Cruise with Carnival Liberty: Eastern Caribbean - Part 3. Nassau, Bahamas

When I woke up the morning after the embarkation day, the cruise ship was just approaching Nassau harbour in the Bahamas. A few white fluffy clouds were in the blue sky and the sun was out, bright and hot.

We had a day trip to the famous Atlantis Paradise Island planned and I was beyond excited.

The day trip certainly did not disappoint. Every step I took, I was amazed or taken away by something. My favourite part of the trip had to be the walk through The Dig, which represented the “Lost City of Atlantis” not to mention that it also house the world's largest open marine habitat.

The day trip was followed by a wander around the city centre of Nassau, which is lined by designer boutiques and jewellery shops. Given that the Bahamas is a tax haven, we couldn't help ourselves to pick up something pretty from Cartier.

It was a beautiful day to start off our seven night cruise holiday.

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