Cruise with Carnival Liberty: Eastern Caribbean - Part 2. Food

My fear for having less than decent food aboard the Carnival Cruise vanished on Embarkation day.  We had checked in early and were offered the opportunity to eat our hearts out at the buffet restaurant before the ship had even left the Miami port.  My appetite was inundated by all the different food in front of my eyes and I didn’t know where to begin.

The days that followed were pretty much the same.  We would get up in the morning, a cup of Earl Grey with honey and cream for me, then we would have a buffet breakfast or a three-course brunch in the restaurant, followed by lunch, juicy burgers and fried onion rings for snacks, or perhaps afternoon tea with scones… and every now and then, a soft-serve ice cream cone here and there. Dinner was always a big affair, lobsters with melted butter, prime ribs, crispy skinned salmon, you name it.  And to top all that, the other travel bunnie and I would always have a hot chocolate each to finish the night.

I often say to the other travel bunnie that the one thing that I miss the most about cruising, is the food.  The unlimited amount of food that I could eat all day everyday… it may sound sickening but yes, I miss eating non-stop.

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