Cruise with Carnival Liberty: Eastern Caribbean - Part 1. Stateroom & Embarkation

There’s no doubt that the other travel bunnie and I LOVE travelling.  And we are pretty intense when it comes to travelling because we always try to squeeze in as much food, places to see and leisure as we can within the twenty-four hours of each day.  The thought of being “stuck” on a boat in the middle of nowhere sounded like a nightmare to me.  I used to cringe at the idea of cruising.  Full Stop.  So we never thought that we would be into cruising, well not yet anyway.

But we were wrong.  Utterly and completely wrong.

A while ago when we went to the States, I said to the other travel bunnie that I wanted to see Christmas decorations and spend New Year’s Eve in New York.  So as we were planning our holidays, two weeks became four weeks, and before we knew it, we decided to spend a week in the Caribbean in between our 1ST and 2nd rounds in New York, just to break out of the cold and enjoy some sunshine.

I wasn’t willing to spend too much on the cruise thinking that I wasn’t going to enjoy it anyway.  After some research, we decided on a 7-night Eastern Caribbean cruise with Carnival Liberty.

On the day of embarkation, we got up before the sun had a chance to shine, so that we could speed to JKF and catch a flight to Miami.

The Carnival crew had already been waiting for us.  In fact, all major cruise companies have welcome stands set up at the airport.  This meant that we avoided the long queue later on at the departure centre and got an early check-in at the airport.

After all the paperwork was completed and we were given our nifty cruise ID’s, it was only a short coach ride away to the departure hall.

We didn’t have to wait for long before we would board the cruise ship.  

I couldn’t wait to see our stateroom.  I knew that the room would be tiny and the bathroom probably wouldn’t even be big enough for one to do a twirl, but it was my first time and I was excited.  I had spent days researching the Carnival Liberty, trying to suss out the best room for minimal dollars.  And it paid off.  We managed to get an interior room with obstructed ocean view on the Deck 7 - Empress Deck, which is where all the suites are located.  Apparently that the staff assigned to this deck are extremely considerate and indeed, our butlers were fantastic.

Our stateroom 7202, was a lot better than I had imagined.  Albeit small, it felt warm and it was equipped with everything that we could’ve asked for.  The size of the shower was reasonable big and the bed was comfy. 

After we settled in, we jointed the rest of our fellow cruisers on the main deck for the Embarkation party as we waved goodbye to onlookers at South Beach.  The sun started setting as the Miami city became smaller and smaller until it disappeared from my sight…

In the next few weeks or so, I’ll be putting up posts about the cruise that we took, including the food on board as well as photos of each of the different ports such as the Bahamas and San Juan in Puerto Rico.

So stay tuned for more on my cruise collection!

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